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What is a Doula?

A Doula is a person trained and experienced in coaching at Childbirth. A Doula provides continuous physical and emotional support as well as practical information to the mother and father before, during and after birth.
A Doula is sensitized to the different physical, emotional, spiritual and relational needs of the mother, father and child and aims to provide the best possible environment for the family of the child to be born.
Through her sensitivity, affection and empathy, a Doula offers flexibility, good organization & practicality and the most effective level of support.
A Doula does not intervene in the medical process of childbirth.
Love - Birth - Life

Doula during pregnancy

A Doula provides accompaniment and support which PROMOTES comfort and encouragement.
During pregnancy doula offers:

  • Personalized support, a benevolent listening of your emotions, your fears and providing answers to your questions
  • A relationship of empathy and trust with the mother and the father.
  • Attentive listening and personal accompaniment through the needs, the fears and anxieties of the mother
  • Effective exchange of information and tools to prepare the future father in the best way.
  • Transmitting a sense of confidence and tranquillity to the woman and her spouse during the childbirth process
  • Reflections and guidance in writing a birth plan.
  • Childbirth preparation sessions for the couple
  • Relaxing or energizing walks with the Mother
  • Well-being massages
  • Answers to questions, advice and search of quality information related to maternity
  • A preparation for the/a Blessingway Celebration.
  • Affective and emotional support, providing future mothers with a feeling of peace, safety and reassurance during one of the great moments of their lives: the birth of their child.

Doula - Birth Day

A Doula offers a consistent presence during childbirth for the mother and father.
The Doula accompanies the birth and offers continuous support. She assists physically and emotionally and shares practical information with the mother and father. The Doula offers her help in connection with :

  • breathing
  • concentration.
  • movements
  • sounds
  • continuous presence
  • the father and his role
  • sense of security
  • encouragement
  • serene environment

The Doula offers affective and emotional support, to help future mothers feel safe and reassured during one of the great moments of their lives: the birth of their child.
The Doula encourages the father to take his place alongside the mother and will stimulate the couple's cooperation during childbirth. She can also slip away to favour intimacy.
The Doula does not practice any medical procedure. She does not perform testing, administer medication or provide healthcare to the baby.
The Doula provides security and knowledge for a serene childbirth.
Birth is a very natural and intimate process that takes time. It defies the patience, strength and endurance of the woman. When you give birth to your child, you put yourself in harmony with your own body.
The Doula is a presence that listens without judgment, with empathy and accompanies the parents in an atmosphere of proximity and harmony.

Doula Postnatale

A Doula offers mother/child assistance after the birth by offering emotional support and practical help for the challenges of motherhood during the first 6 weeks, as well as an accompaniment of the father in his new role.
A Doula gives support to the family and facilitates the accommodations necessary to welcome a new family member.
A Doula helps reduce postnatal stress.
A Doula prepares drafts a support plan for the 40 day period. Resting 40 days after birth is essential and highly beneficial for the mother’s physical recovery following childbirth. Resting 40 days after birth helps establish the early mother/ child bond, provides confidence during breastfeeding and general harmony within the couple and within the home.
Other tasks the Doula can also assist with during this period:

  • Meal preparation.
  • Shopping and household management
  • School monitoring of children who attend school.
  • Provision of well-being massages.
  • Help and support during breastfeeding.
  • Care and support for the mother and baby.
  • Sympathetic & attentive ear.

A Doula can organise a Birth Celebration using the « Rebozo » (technique of wrapping & tightening seven areas of the body)..

What are the benefits of having a Doula?

The presence of a Doula produces an atmosphere of intimacy, affection and above all of security.
Mothers who work with a Doula enjoy a more satisfying and rewarding experience during the pregnancy process. They feel more autonomous, have less anxiety and higher levels of attention and responsiveness to their baby. The risk of postpartum depression is also reduced.
For the father, and with the support of a Doula, the pregnancy period is lived with less anxiety and allows living each step of this experience more fully and feeling totally integrated.
The advantages for the baby are also evident, as the Doula facilitates the achievement of breastfeeding and strengthens the bond between the mother/father and the baby.


J’ai rencontré Paola grâce à la personne responsable de la formation de Yoga Doula qui a eu la très bonne intuition de nous mettre en contact. Ayant été seule durant ma grossesse sans partenaire ou famille proche me soutenant, sa présence a été très précieuse, positive et importante. Nous étions en contact à raison d’une fois chaque deux semaine pendant les 5 derniers mois de ma grossesse. Ces rencontres réelles ou virtuelles par Skype étaient surtout pour échanger sur mon état général et me confier à une oreille bienveillante et positive. Aussi, nous faisions du yoga prénatal et des méditations de manière régulière. Ses cours ont toujours été adaptés à mes besoins et mes états de santé et physique. J’ai beaucoup apprécié sa manière d’enseigner qui était très à l’écoute et remplie de bienveillance et aussi ses nombreux conseils pour prendre soin de moi de manière naturelle et non invasive. J’ai dû renoncer à un accouchement à domicile à cause de diabète gestationnel qui m’a amené à accoucher à l’hôpital. Ayant dépassé le terme d’une semaine, j’ai été provoqué. Durant mon accouchement provoqué, Paola a été présente et Dieu merci ! Durant les 12 heures de travail intense, elle m’a beaucoup soutenu et encouragé. Elle a été présente nonstop ce qui a permis au père de mon enfant d’être moins sous pression et de faire des pauses régulières. Je recommande Paola comme Doula à mon entourage et femmes enceintes que je rencontre car elle a réellement fait une différence durant ma grossesse, accouchement et aprèsgrossesse. C’est une personne bienveillante, positive, intuitive et remplie d’Amour. Elle sait de quoi elle parle et connait son sujet. Sa présence a été complémentaire à ma sagefemme qui elle m’a plutôt épaulé pour le côté technique de l’accouchement et l’allaitement. Merci mille fois à Paola! Patrizia & la petite Lana Le Angelucci